UK public accountability

UKEB will be required to submit an annual report on its technical work to the BEIS Secretary of State who is required to lay that report in Parliament.


  • The FRC will oversee the UKEB’s adherence to its due process and governance.
  • The UKEB is independent of the FRC in its technical decision-making.
  • The FRC “host” the UKEB by giving it office space and other facilities such as HR.
  • UKEB & FRC Organisational Alignment 

Independent endorsement and adoption of standards and influencing activities

UKEB’s statutory functions are to:

    • endorse and adopt international accounting standards when they meet the criteria in SI 2019/685.
    • carry-out influencing activities relating to the development of global international financial reporting standards.

Complaints - The UKEB is committed to providing a high-quality service to everyone we deal with. If you think we have not met these standards, please follow this link to our complaints policy