UKEB Calls for International Debate On Intangibles Accounting And Reporting

Date: 15 May 2024

The UKEB has today published two reports, one on its research on intangibles reporting in the UK and a second report on the findings from a survey of users of financial statements.  These reports are aimed at fostering debate on the need for comprehensive revisions to the accounting and reporting of intangibles.

UKEB Chair, Pauline Wallace, said:

“Intangibles make up a growing and, for some, extremely significant proportion of the economic resources underpinning the growth in the value of UK companies, yet accounting standards have not kept pace. The UKEB’s research will provide an important foundation for the UK’s response to this once in a generation opportunity for change.”

A video introduction to the research and the reports are available on our website.

The UKEB is grateful to all stakeholders who contributed to this research project.