UKEB AAG Advisory Group Appointments

Date: 21 September 2022

The Board is pleased to announce the establishment of its Academic Advisory Group (AAG) and welcomes the inaugural members. Their biographies can be found here.

The members have been drawn from across the UK academic community and bring a wealth of practical experience and research expertise. The specialist knowledge they bring and the input they will be able to provide to the Board, on technical issues and academic developments on financial reporting issues, will be invaluable. The UKEB looks forward to engaging with them in the coming months.

The UKEB is establishing six advisory groups that will provide input into its technical decision-making.

The four standing advisory groups represent a cross-section of the UKEB’s stakeholder communities: Investors, Preparers, Academics and Accounting Firms & Institutes.

A campaign to recruit members for the ad-hoc Technical Advisory Group on Rate-regulated Activities is open for applications until Monday, 10 October 2022. The advert can be found here.

The campaign to recruit members for the Financial Instruments working group, which will advise the UKEB Secretariat, has been extended to Tuesday, 11 October 2022. The advert can be found here. We are particularly keen to attract applicants from:

  • preparers working for entities with a significant portfolio of financial instruments applying international accounting standards; and,
  • users of accounts with a particular interest in accounts of entities in the financial services industry.

Applications for both groups should be sent to:

The UKEB is keen to ensure that the memberships of the groups represent a diverse range of skills, experience, and backgrounds, and welcomes applications from all interested parties.