Goodwill research project

Date: 04 November 2021

The UK Endorsement Board has commenced a research project to analyse the potential impact of reintroducing amortisation for the subsequent measurement of goodwill.

The project will provide UK-specific information to the IASB during its redeliberations on its Discussion Paper 2020/1 Business Combinations: Disclosures, Goodwill and Impairment.

The project will explore:

  • How a hybrid model for subsequent measurement of goodwill, i.e. an annual amortisation charge supported by impairment testing, can provide information that is useful for users.
  • How transitioning to such a hybrid model might affect the financial position of a group or company, including impact on debt covenants, and legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Potential approaches to estimating the useful life of goodwill for amortisation purposes.
  • Transitional arrangements and cost implications.

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