Deadline extended: Participants for Field Testing – Disclosure Pilot

Date: 03 August 2021

The UKEB and the IASB are seeking UK companies of all sizes that are willing to field-test the proposals contained in ED/2021/3 Disclosure Requirements in IFRS Standards – A Pilot Approach (the Disclosure Pilot).  This IASB exposure draft proposes to replace mandatory disclosure requirements with an objectives based regime, as well as specific amendments to the disclosure requirements in IFRS 13 Fair Value Measurement and IAS 19 Employee Benefits.  Field testing provides the opportunity to test the proposals, identify any issues specific to UK companies, and influence the further development of these proposals by the IASB.  UKEB will use the results of field testing to prepare the UKEB Comment Letter to the IASB, and results of all jointly carried out field testing will be shared with IASB.

IASB has extended the deadline for the Disclosure Pilot until 12 January 2022, so we are now able to offer a wider and more convenient range of dates for field testing for UK stakeholders.  We are interested in field testing with IFRS users both large and small.

Field testing may involve testing the IASB's proposals, via some or all of the following routes:

  • preparing mock disclosures applying the proposed requirements for IFRS13 and/or IAS 19
  • completing a questionnaire about the mock disclosures including questions about application
  • discussing with UKEB/IASB staff the process or impact of preparing the mock disclosures

Please contact us on if you are interested in participating or would like to learn more about the field tests.