UKEB website launched

The UK Endorsement Board (UKEB) is being set up as the body responsible for influencing the development and subsequently endorsing and adopting new or amended international accounting standards, issued by the International Accounting Standards Board (IASB), for use by UK companies, from 1 January 2021. 

The UKEB website has now been launched. It will provide access to all key developments in relation to the UKEB and its work, including:

  • UK-adopted international accounting standards,
  • UKEB adoption status report,
  • UKEB appointments and meetings agendas and minutes, etc, and
  • the UKEB work plan.

The website supports access from a range of devices, including mobile phones and allows subscribers to receive email alerts on the UKEB’s activities.

The website can be found here:  

You can subscribe to the website by sending an email to

Chair of the UK Endorsement Board, Pauline Wallace said:

“The UK Endorsement Board will be guided by certain principles when fulfilling its responsibilities in influencing the development of international accounting standards and their subsequent adoption for use in the UK. These principles include accountability, independence, transparency and thought leadership.

I am delighted to launch the website.  It will be an important platform for the Board to conduct its activities transparently as well as keeping stakeholders up to date with all news and events.”