Influencing Projects

Values in influencing:

The UKEB’s values are:

  • accountability
  • transparency
  • independence and
  • thought leadership

These values are demonstrated through a proactive approach to research and outreach and in the publication of feedback statements explaining how the UKEB has responded to stakeholder input for each major influencing project

The UKEB influences by:

  • contributing to the IASB’s research agenda
  • responding to the IASB’s due process documents
  • seeking views from UK stakeholders on emerging issues
  • engaging with other national standard setters
  • outreach activities on current projects

Influencing: why and how

The UKEB’s influencing activities contribute to the development of international financial reporting standards that:

  • support the efficient allocation of capital and help to maintain the UK’s position as a leading capital market
  • improve the quality of information reported by UK entities
  • meet emerging issues in the UK financial reporting environment
  • take account of the costs and benefits of financial reporting standards for UK stakeholders

UKEB outreach

Outreach activities include:

  • surveys
  • roundtables
  • panel events
  • public consultation on draft comment letters
  • field testing

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