IFRS 17 User Survey

Date/Time: 21 April 2021 .


The UK Endorsement Board secretariat has launched an IFRS 17 Insurance Contracts survey specifically for users. This is an opportunity for users with an interest in the financial reporting of UK insurers to engage in the assessment of this major standard.

The survey is mainly multiple choice and should take around 20 minutes to complete. Your responses will be aggregated to identify key themes and no information gathered as a result of this survey will be made publicly available other than on an anonymised basis. The deadline for completion of the survey is Wednesday 12 May 2021.

To launch the survey please click on this link.

The survey seeks your views on:

  1. Awareness of the implications of IFRS 17 and the level of engagement with insurers
  2. Anticipated benefits to users of insurers’ accounts
  3. Attractiveness of the insurance industry to investors post implementation
  4. Potential wider impacts and
  5. Implementation costs for users of insurers’ accounts

If you would like more information on IFRS 17, please use this link to view a UKEB webinar where Nick Anderson (IASB Board member) explains the intended benefits of IFRS 17 for users, and representatives from the analyst and ratings agency communities share their views.