UKEB Board meeting on 22 June 2023: Agenda papers and registration

Date: 15 June 2023

The UKEB public Board meeting will be held on 22 June 2023 at 10.00 hrs.

The agenda includes:

  • International Tax Reform—Pillar Two Model Rules (Amendments to IAS 12): Draft Endorsement Criteria Assessment
  • Non-current Liabilities with Covenants (Amendments to IAS 1 2020 and 2022) – Feedback on Draft Endorsement Criteria Assessment
  • ISSB Request for Information – Draft Comment Letter
  • Post-implementation Review of IFRS 15—Project Initiation Plan
  • Primary Financial Statements
  • Provisions - Targeted Improvements
  • IASB General Update
  • A study in Connectivity: Analysis of 2022 Annual Reports – Final Report 
  • Climate-related Matters: Summary of Connectivity Research

The meeting agenda and papers can be found here.

Members of the public wishing to observe this meeting must register here

If you are unable to register to observe this meeting, a recording will be made available on our website.